Mafia III Press Release

“tournamentcenter quickly came up with lots oof fun ideas, found the perfect location and delivered a flawless event. I almost felt otiose, which is a huge compliment”. D.D.B – PR Manager BeNeLux for 2K International

Representatives of the gaming industry, the mainstream and new media press, are used to some kind of releases. You can better do your best if you want them to get to know a new game. Location, decoration, atmosphere… every detail needs to be perfect. Here’s the story of an exclusive press event on behalf of 2K International.

An offer you can't refuse

If you think of Mafia III, you easily start thinking of America, The Godfather, diners, bars, … Based on that, we looked into finding the perfect matching location, which we found in the city center of Amsterdam: an aged mansion with an interesting appearance and an authentic setting. We dressed it up with portraits of game characters, money suitcases, etc. Even the catering was perfectly in line with the theme: club sandwiches, burgers and spareribs. The invited guests could discover the game while enjoying the games atmosphere.

A pleasant cooperation

D.D.B, PR Manager BeNeLux for 2K International, used to work as a gaming journalist, and in that role attended one of our previous press release events.

“Mafia III is an important title for 2K, therefore we wanted to work with a specialized partner for this preview event. I immediately thought of tournamentcenter and do not regret that. The team came up with lots of fun ideas, found the perfect venue and deliverad a flawless event. Every detail matched. I almost felt otiose, which is a huge compliment. I look back at this cooperation with a lot of satisfaction.”

Mafia III

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